Saturday January 12th 2013 - THE ELIMINATION DIET CHALLENGE!

I’m very excited to offer a FREE four-week program starting January 14th.  As a group, (myself included) we’ll be doing three weeks of the Elimination Diet, plus one week of food re-introduction.  What is the Elimination Diet?  It’s a very specific food program designed to remove all sources of toxins from the diet, and all potential food allergies.  If we were to speak in terms of “Detoxes” or “Cleanses”, the Elimination diet is by-far the most effective, the safest, and the most likely to create sustainable positive change.  It is also our gold standard for identifying food sensitivities.  However, it can be quite difficult to do – as it does ask you to remove things like sugar, coffee, and alcohol (hence waiting until after the holidays), which is why it is helpful to do it as part of a group. Although it will be a challenge, the results are well worth it.

To support the process, I’ll be offering a talk every Saturday so we can learn what we’re doing, and to answer any questions that come up.  I’ll also provide a lengthy list of recipes that are “Elimination Diet Friendly”.  Here are the scheduled lectures, all are from 1-2pm at The Herbal Clinic and Dispensary on Roncesvalles Ave:

Saturday, Jan. 12th:  Explaining the Elimination Diet – Understanding Digestion, Absorption and Food Sensitivities.

Saturday, Jan. 19th:  ”Detoxification” Explained – Making it Part of Your Daily Life.

Saturday, Jan 26th:  Stress, Sleep, and Light Activity – Optimizing All Our Body’s Systems

Saturday, Feb 2nd:  Food Re-introduction, and Sustainable Healthy Eating.

Cost:  Free

Space: We’ll be limited to about 15 people, but I won’t turn anyone away!  Good Health is for everyone!




A sister clinic for the RCAC – ToCA!

Welcome Toronto Community Acupuncture Clinic!

Brenna and Naomi have opened a sister clinic for the RCAC at 27 Davies Ave (near Queen and Broadview).

For more info, subscribe to the ToCA newsletter or ‘like’ us on Facebook (you can use the menu to the right of this page.) There are photos on our Facebook Page and we’ll be sending out an invitation to come and have a free treatment in the new clinic soon.

Meanwhile, for our west side patients, the hours at the RCAC stay exactly the same, and you will be taken care of by Chris Pickrell who is a co-founder of the RCAC and recently back from a year in meditation. We’re excited to bring one more community acupuncture clinic to Toronto, as we believe acupuncture should be affordable and accessible to all.

To contact ToCA, please call Naomi at 416 889 8263 or email